Maharishi Vidya Mandir (MVM) School, ALIGARH is a part of Maharishi Global Education Movement ::: Maharishi Vidya Mandir School chain is one of the largest school systems with 170 branches in 16 states ::: Over 100000 students in 170 branches ::: About 6500 teaching, administrative and support staff ::: Maharishi Vedic Science based-Consciousness based-Unified Field  based integrated system of Ideal Education ::: Course based on Central Board of Secondary Education Pattern ::: Excellent Extra ordinary academic achievement and co-curricular activities.
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Total Knowledge for Everyone
“Let us mould your children’s future and prepare them for leadership in the world “

Besides, the real experience of Transcendental Consciousness Yogasan and Pranayam is also taught in the schools by which students learn how to deal with stress, lack of concentration and empower them to become strong in maintaining mind-body coordination.

School Achievements & Awards

  • 100% pass percentage for class X CBSE every year.
  • Our school has been the centre for class X, XII and AIEEE exams and our teachers are the examiners and Head examiner for class X Evaluation.
  • 100% pass percentage for class X CBSE every year.
  • 98 % pass percentage for class XII – 2013.
  • CGPA average at class X examinations held in March 2013 –
    • 18 % got 9 point and above.
    • 20 % got 8 point and above.
    • 25 % got 7 point and above.
    • 30 % got 6 point and above.
  • Participation by the students in Science, Maths and Cyber Olympiads.
  • Students achieved below 100 state ranks in National Science Olympiad for the year – 2012 – 13.
Social Work
  • Tree plantations camps organized.
  • Provided assistance in cash to the victims of Kedarnath in the 2013 by school teachers and staff.
  • School also helps in funding art & cultural associations every year.
Achievements in Maharishi National Cultural Celebrations (MNCC) - 2013

    Maharishi National Cultural Celebrations: - Guwahati (26th to 28th Oct.-2013)

  • Main, Aligarh won first prize in Group Song (Junior) category
    • Kum Yamini Singh, VII A.
    • Kum Shreya Mathuriya, VII A.
    • Kum Leena Shandilya, VII A.
    • Kum Ananya Kaushik, VII A.
    • Kum Vishakha Gupta, VII B.
    • Kum Yojna Varshney, VIII A.
  • Main, Aligarh became runner up in All Round Quiz category.
    • Master Rishabh Parihar, X C.
    • Kum Shweta Sing, XI B.
    • Master Gopi Kishan, XII A.

  • Maharishi Regional Cultural Celebrations: - Bareilly (17th & 18th Aug.,2013)

  • First position -
    • Group Song (Junior).
    • All Round Quiz (Senior).
  • Second position -
    • Group Dance (Senior).
    • Group Song (Senior).
    • Music Instrumental Wind (Senior).
    • Music Instrumental Percussion.
  • Third position -
    • Musical Vocal Indian Classical – Sr. Group.
    • Musical Vocal Semi Classical – Sr. Group.

    ATHELETICS MEET 2012-2013